How do I add a chapter and edit the chapter settings?

Click here to first learn how to access the digital lab manual editor.

Chapter editing features are listed along the left sidebar of the editor page.

  • To add a new chapter:
    1. Click the +Add new chapter button. 

  • To edit the chapter settings:
    1. Click the settings icon to the right of the chapter title. 
    2. In the pop-up window, you can: 
      • Change the chapter title.
      • Change the chapter visibility: choose who can see the chapter. You can choose "All Users" (students, instructors, and teacher assistants) OR "Instructors & TAs" OR "Instructors"). 
      • Publish or unpublish the chapter. "Published" chapters can be seen. Unpublished chapters are invisible to all users. 
      • Delete the Chapter. 
    3. Remember to click "Save Changes" before exiting the window.

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