How do I add a page and edit the page settings?

Click here to first learn how to access the digital lab manual editor.

To create a new page:

  1. Use the dropdown menu on the left side of the editor to select the chapter you want to add a page to.
  2. Then, click the +Add new page.
  3. Type in the page name and click the Create Page button. 

To edit the page settings:

  1. Click the settings icon to the right of the page title. A pop-up window will appear. Here you can edit:
    • Page Title
    • Page Visibility: Who do you want to see the page? You can choose from "All Users" (students, instructors, and teacher assistants) "Instructors & TAs," or "Instructors." 
    • Allow Printing - allows student to print this page. 
    • Allow PDF Export - allows the student to export this page as a PDF.
    • Allow Right Click - allows student to right click with their mouse. 
    • Page Publish - allows you to publish or unpublish a page. Unpublished pages are invisible to all users. 
  2. Remember to click "Save changes" before closing the window. 

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