How do I create a table in my lab report?

  1. Place the cursor where you'd like to place the table.
  2. Click on the tables icon located in the text editor toolbox.
  3. Input the specific information to build your table and click "OK".
    Note: the width of the table CANNOT exceed 750 pixels. If it does, the table may not appear when exporting and/or submitting your report.


  4. Here are some common editing functions.

    Editing Cells
    Right click on the cell you'd like to edit and hover over "Cell" for more editing options. 

Adding rows or columns. When inserting new columns or rows, “Before” or “After” is referring to before or after the cursor; therefore, the location of the cursor is important.


Editing Cell Properties allow you to control the size of the cells, background and border colors, and text alignment within the cell. Remember, to prevent errors, the width of the table should not exceed 750 pixels; therefore the width of the cells combined should not exceed 750 pixels.


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